COVID-19 for Students

College response to COVID-19

The college can reassure students that despite the devastating impact of COVID-19 its operations are unaffected.

Students who are needing to complete work placement are suggested to carry out their theory components so that when this pandemic passess, and it will, they are perfectly positioned to support the massive return to work program that is sure to ensue.

The college strongly encourages students to remain positive, seek support where needed and that this time will pass. The college is continuing as normal and will continue to do so even in the event that there is any form of restriction on movement  ie lockdown.

Take this opportunity to be positive, to personally develop and make the most of a difficult situation because significant opportunities are on the horizon for all students as the nation initiates an enormous return to work program.

Qualifications not only allow the learner to grow in their area of study but can also have a direct impact on an award and pay scales.

Follow government recommendations and maintain optimism as this dark cloud will pass leaving blue sky behind.

Please note that due to the COVID-19 and the current unprecedented changes affecting Australia, usual internal policies relating to administrative and trainer turnaround times may be affected and will not apply until further notice.