If my placement is disrupted or delayed due to Covid 19 and I have completed all theory units?

Where a student has competed all theory units and their Placement has been disrupted or delayed due to the school or their service closing as a result of Covid 19, the college will defer the student free of cost for 3 months. For this to happen the deferral forms must be filled and submitted along with the closure notification.

I am at Placement and my placement has been disrupted due to Covid 19 and I still have theory units to complete.

The college will offer 3 months extension without payment.  For this to happen the extension forms have to be filled and submitted along with the closure notification. Students are expected to show continuous progress in their theory assessment work during this period to keep the deferral process in place.

My course is close to completion date and I have only Placement left to be done but now the service or the school are closed due to Covid19. What do I do now?

Where there are only placement requirements left to complete the course and cannot be completed due to Placement service being closed because of Covid 19, we will offer 3 months free extension once all the paperwork has been filled and the notification of closure sent to us.

I cannot attend my Placement as I have vulnerable family members, though my service is open.

We would like to support you and will deal with this on case to case basis. Please contact enquiries@accsc.com.au

I can’t do my First aid training for my course as the provider has cancelled it due to Covid 19. Can I get an extension?

For any delay in completing your First aid qualification that is due to closure or cancellation of the course because of Covid 19, the college will offer a 3 months extension. For this to happen the extension forms must be filled and submitted along with the closure notification.

How will I know once I have filled the forms if I have been granted a deferral or an extension?

Once you have filled out your form for deferral or extension and we have processed these, we shall notify you through an email. The email will give you your new end date.

Please allow us some time to process the deferral and extension applications before following up on them, thank you for your patience.

Will my theory assessment be marked in the 10- working day turnaround time?

Yes, we aim to continue marking all theory assessments within the 10- working day turn around as much as possible.

If there are any changes announced by the Government of Queensland that will affect our College to remain open for a period of time, due to Covid 19, we shall still aim to be as close as possible to the 10-working day turn around.

Please be patient if there are some delays under those circumstances.

Will my graduation be affected due to Covid 19 if I have submitted all the information, placement documents as well as my theory assessments?

We shall endeavour to process the graduations as soon as possible where there is need to contact organisations outside our College.  Please be patient as we follow the processes.

If the organisations that we need to contact are closed due to Covid19, we shall then progress with these graduations once the organisations open back to business.

Learners will not be required to pay anything.

Will my emails and phone calls be responded to?

Yes, the phone calls and emails shall be responded to as usual.
Being an online training facility we are able to continue to provide you with our high level of quality service.

Should you have to close can I have access to all my units?

We will not be going “off line” as this is one of the benefits of an online college we don’t close, and we will continue our high level of service to you.

Units will continue to be released as a student lodges a completed unit. This process helps us mange the workload from the large number of students we have enrolled.